September 18 Zodiac


September 18 Zodiac

September 18 Zodiac. Your zodiac sign is Virgo with symbol, “The Virgin”. Your zodiac element is Earth. And your rulers are Mercury, Saturn. The September 18 Virgo birth date, identifies with energies that point to that of a possibility for achievement, and the promise for a full and successful life.

This is a birth date that is also associated with that of spiritual intelligence and a search for perfection.

As a September 18 however, there is also the potential that you may at the last minute, have a tendency to give up and abandon your goals.

You are by nature like a committed and dedicated researcher when engaged in matters that involve the utilization of your talents and abilities. You will always endeavor to improve upon that which is already accepted as established or existent.

Your particular September 18 talent in life centers upon your abilities to be able iron out problems, to tidy up, to streamline, and to refine all forms of matters or undertakings.

You have a fascinating charm that intrigues people and, that inherent ability in being able to smooth away the rough edges in order to arrive at a clean-cut solution.

While the September 18 does prefer to have their own arena of tasks clearly defined, this does not infer that you do not, or cannot, work with others. In reality, you are very likely to enjoy working with others, and particularly so, where they are of like-mind to yourself.

You are certainly one who can work in isolation, and while you are one who will appreciate others not making too much in the way of demands and impositions on your time and energy, you are not by nature a selfish person.

In reality, you are likely to consider the needs and desires of others as important as those of your own, with result that others are likely to be highly appreciative of your readiness to step in to help, and to assist them with their own problems in life.

In the main, the September 18 can find it far more comfortable to be able to work alone peacefully, and to do so will necessitate that you set some limitations and boundaries on your time. This is because you are the type of person who can find it quite difficult to say no to someone who may ask you for help and assistance.

Dress wise, those of the September 18 birth date can tend to enjoy a natural affinity with natural fibers and fabrics. As result you are likely to enjoy wearing garments made from comfortable wools and cottons.

As a September 18, you might even like to consider taking up the art of weaving at a hobby.

Consider wearing a jewellery piece that is either made from iron, or incorporates some color of crimson. This can help to influence your commitment to complete your projects and achieve your goals in life.

Born on this day, yours is a path of seeking satisfaction through your inner life in order to find complete fulfillment.

While you are by your nature particularly suited to working in a solitary environment, and have no need for any constant stimulation from others in order to feel complete, yours is not a path of complete isolation, but more so that of anxious self control.

A danger associated with this path is that, in your eyes, others will not measure up to your personal expectations of them. To counteract this potential, consider becoming involved in some sort of group activity.

The colors of cherry red, deep blue, green, and hazy blue resonate well with this birth date.

The mineral of “rose quartz” can inspire inner comfort and that of “Azurite” is a gem to inspire your energies and widen your outlook.

On the home front, the September 18 will want a home that projects a measure of elegance and beauty, while at the same time an uncluttered atmosphere of simplicity.

As a September 18 birth date you will have a strong appreciation for things, objects and items that are both beautiful to the eye, and delicate of nature. These could take the form of fine crystal ware, delicate glass ornaments and fine porcelain chinaware.

Natural fabrics tend to be of appeal to you, and you should consider incorporating items of such nature within your home. These could take the form of afghan throws, woven items and cotton table linens for example.

Your kitchen could be not only quite a family center but also a place to practice your culinary expertise. Where you do enjoy cooking, then you will prefer to do so with some quality kitchenware and cooking utensils.

You will favor a tidy and organized kitchen set up with suitable systems in which to store things so that each item has its own particular place.

In your bedroom, your affinity with natural materials could be fulfilled by wicker type furniture. A wicker bed frame would be excellent for you, as would white wicker furniture throughout the bedroom.

An emerald green colored statuette of a lion could be a good addition for you, providing an influence for greater vitality in your outlook to life

On the out doors front, with a birth date that tends to hold a strong association to the power of Earth, you are likely to gain calm and inspiration from the simple pleasures of nature. Just sitting on the grass or lazing on a shady part of a beach for example.

You are likely to want a garden that while simple in lay out, can generate a colorful effect as much as possible throughout the year.

You will need items or object to stimulate your interest, and these could take the form of a hanging a lattice structure set up against a wall where you could train flowers into a variety of shapes, a rock garden, garden ornaments, or some water feature such as a water fountain or birdbath for example.

If possible, a cypress or ash tree in your garden would resonate well with your particular birth date.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 1. The eighteenth day of the ninth month reduces to nine, and the number nine is symptomatic of attainment and the completion of a cycle. This is a number that embodies the attainment and fulfillment of a goal.

The 262nd day of the year reduces to one, and the number one adds that essential element of harmony and singleness of purpose to support this path.

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