September 11 Zodiac


September 11 Zodiac

September 11 Zodiac. Your zodiac sign is Virgo with symbol, “The Virgin”. Your zodiac element is Earth. And your rulers are Mercury, Saturn. The September 11 Virgo birth date identifies with an individual who has a very strong artistic temperament, good artistic abilities and a very sound eye for detail.

These September 8 qualities could certainly indicate that you are the type of person who may not be too happy in having to exist in the general hectic rat race of an everyday environment.

With a good sense of vision and a keen eye for detail, then any form of creative activity should appeal to you. The art of sculpting, for example, should match with your talents.

As a September 11 you do have significant talent, and you may well give consideration to foregoing a regular income earning activity in order to work on creative projects and activities.

Before you do so, however, make sure to give due consideration to all the risks involved in relation to your personal circumstances. Be very practical in your assessments, and then and only when you are totally comfortable with your idea, concept, and plans, should you take the plunge.

You should endeavor to utilize your power for vision toward the need for long term planning, as this is an important factor to maintain organization in your life.

The effect of the Lunar energies can act to influence, and a to boost your sense of imagination. In this respect, therefore, you might like to consider pondering upon some of you more important creations during the time of a full moon.

The September 11 birth date identifies with literary talent, and this could lead you to a desire to express you’re ideas, concept, and feelings in writing.

As a Virgo sign, you are subject to the influences of Mercury, and these can help to inspire your thoughts and visualizations in a manner, free from emotional intrusions.

In this respect, therefore, the activity of writing can be a very good mental practice for you, and when you do so, you should allow your thoughts, concept, ideas, and feelings to be freely expressed.

Your writing area is likely to be described as organized clutter, and even where you might in this modern day and age use a computer, the simple act of sharpening a pencil could be an activity to encourage your writing mood.

As a September 11 birth date, you are by nature a very restless and adventurous type of person who will enjoy traveling, visiting and seeing as much of our world as you can.

The organization is important to you, and you are not the type of person who will to just leave things to chance. In fact, you are unlikely to be able to relax and enjoy yourself unless everything is organized and in its place.

Where traveling, for example, you will make sure to have travel insurance, that you have all necessary travel documents in order, and that are carrying the appropriate types of clothing for your mode of travel and climate conditions.

You are likely to pack all the medicines, cosmetics, toiletries, and other bits and pieces that you could ever need, and where any pets are concerned, ensure that that are safely cared for while you are away.

In your travels, you will certainly tend to favor the more luxurious environments, and in settings where, your every need is catered for with pleasant cordiality, and courteousness.

As a September 11 your path entails that of gaining a thorough understanding of the principle of the division of labor.

As an example, complex jobs can usually be completed less expensively by a large number of people, where each performs a small number of specialized tasks rather than, by only one person attempting to complete the entire job.

This is pattern therefore that calls for the pursuit of specialization and your own personal refinement. The irony of this path, however, is that your ultimate expression is linked to that of outstanding cooperation with other people.

For you, satisfaction and fulfillment occur when others are as well-rewarded as you are yourself.

As an example, where one is engaging in a team sport, they can learn to discover the position in which they perform the best. Then they can enjoy the results when the team as a whole, proves to be successful.

The colors of peach, white, dark blue, beige, and a grayish/green resonate well with this birth date, and the gemstone of “citrine” is one that can help you to identify with your special talents.

On the home front, the September 11 will want to establish a homely but organized in-home environment for comfort, contentment, and happiness.

You should endeavor to incorporate some reminders of you earth element within the home, and these could take the form of an earthen vase or urn filled with sheaves of dried flowers or some fresh wildflowers.

Small containers or boxes to hold supplies or keepsakes can be interesting decorative objects for you.

You do have an attraction for those more delicate things in life, so that some fine crystal ware, vases, bowls or glasses will be good items for both display and your visual appreciation.

The organizational aspects of your personality are likely to be well expressed in your kitchen with the correct gadgets or utensils for each and every need positioned or stored in convenient places within your working area.

On the outdoors front, the September 11 will enjoy wide-open rural landscapes. Farming environments can be of particular appeal to you.

If you happen to live in a rural or farming environment you could have a great interest in the natural fauna as well as an interest in the processing and preserving of fruits, vegetables, and pickles, etc. An herb garden could be a favorite endeavor and activity.

Your garden is likely to be well organized and incorporate some interesting, if not unusual features forms of unusual rock features or carved sculptured garden ornaments. A birdbath or bird feeder could be a pleasurable feature to have.

Your special magic numbers are 2 and 3. The number two represents that of replication, dependence, and polarized expression, and the number three adds the helpful influences for creative self-expression and development. This will help your personal on-forward progression and improvement.

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